Here at LABRADOODLES of WISCONSIN, all puppies are chosen according to order of deposit.  We have a master pet list with LABRADOODLES of MONTANA our mentor and sister company, your selection will be from all litters.  We have coordinated transporting a group of puppies from Montana to Wisconsin - that list is currently full,  pick up will be here at Labradoodles of Wisconsin.  Please see shipping prices on remaining Montana litters, puppies will need to be flown or travel arrangements made directly to you. However, you can still put a deposit in and pass on any litters if you want to wait for another litter in Wisconsin so that you move up on the list when we have puppies available in Wisconsin.


The fist step to adopting a puppy is to put in a deposit. 100% of the deposit is applied towards the purchase price for your puppy. The deposit secures your reservation for a puppy from one of our litters. 


Once puppies have arrived and we know approximately how many puppies will be available for pet families we will notify those in order of deposits to see if this is the litter for you.  You will not be able to wait till they are ready to go home to decide.  If you decide to wait on a future litter, you will remain in deposit order. REMEMBER...some puppies may be placed on hold to be evaluated as a potential breeding dog and may or may not be released as a pet. Potential breeding dogs are always chosen first.


Selections  to go home will begin at approximately 7 to 8 weeks of age and again are chosen in the order of deposits.  Breeder reserves the right to retain any pup for our breeding program. Yes, they really are low to non-shedding. See our Price and Payments Page for more information regarding the cost of our puppies.  If you don't live in Wisconsin, don't stress we can get a puppy to you!

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Visit Our Dogs for more information about the parents.


LABRADOODLES of WISCONSIN and LABRADOODLES of MONTANA are home to some of the most gorgeous Australian Labradoodles. 


Sign up below for our litter announcement to get a heads up when new puppies arrive. A $300 deposit is required to hold a puppy or to add your name to our master waiting list.



Our list is currently full for puppies being brought back to Wiscsonsin.

Shipping will apply to get the puppies to Wisconsin on upcoming litters right now.

Please watch for updates.

The following litters are in MONTANA and are included in our reserved list.

SHIPPING will APPLY  for those that are not currently on our list to come back to Wisconsin.

Sota and Buddy - Born 7/3 - should mature approximately 25 to 30 lbs.  

​Sota and Buddy blessed us with 5 beautiful puppies. 3 boys and 2 girls. LITTER IS FULLY RESERVED.

Approximate Take Home date 8/28


Cocoa and Atlas - Born 7/19 - should mature approximately 25 to 28 lbs. LITTER IS FULLY RESERVED.

Cocoa and Atlas blessed us with 5 beautiful puppies. 3 boys and 2 girls..

Approximate Take Home date 9/13

Jewel and Buddy - Born 7/21 - should mature approximately 23 to 26 lbs. LITTER IS FULLY RESERVED.

Jewel and Buddy blessed us with 6 beautiful puppies. 3 boys and 3 girls. 

Approximate Take Home date 9/15

Blossom and Buddy - due 8/5 - should mature approximately 20 to 25 lbs. LITTER IS FULLY RESERVED.

Eby and Trigger - due 9/1 - should mature approximately 27 to 30 lbs. LITTER IS FULLY RESERVED


Tiaka nd Trigger/Buddy (DUAL SIRED) - due 10/6 - should mature approximately 22 to 27 lbs.  


Hope and ??? - We haven't decided who is going to be the lucky Daddy yet :)

See our Price and Payments Page for more information regarding the cost of our puppies and shipping.

Visit our sister site for more information on the puppies located in Montana!



A NOTE ABOUT DEPOSITS - Please be aware that we are consistently in contact with dozens of people inquiring about puppies.  There is a good chance we are emailing with several families about the puppy you are interested in.  Please understand that until we receive a deposit, we can not hold a puppy for you.  We also can not hold multiple puppies for you to choose from with a paid deposit.

Size estimates are just that - estimates.  We can not guarantee the adult size/weight of your puppy.  We can only estimate based on the size of the parents.

Guardian home needed

AT THIS TIME WE ARE NOT IN NEED OF ANY GUARDIAN HOMES. WILL UP DATE HERE WHEN WE ARE AGAIN.   Sobieski, Green Bay, Pulaski, Oconto and the surrounding areas is our preferred location, however if your out of the surrounding area give us a call and we can certainly talk.

You keep the dog at your home, she comes to LABRADOODLES of WISCONSIN for breeding and whelping of 3-4 litters, then she is spayed and yours forever. LABRADOODLES of WISCONSIN pays all medical costs related to breeding and to complete health testing, you pay for routine vet care.


Learn more:

LABRADOODLES of WISCONSIN is located near The NEW Zoo, Bay Beach Amusement Park, Lambeau Field, Green Bay Botanical Gardens and so many more places.  There's so much to see here! When planning to pick up your puppy be sure to take a little extra time for vacation.


NEW ZOO & Adventure Park                     Lambeau Field             Bay Beach Amusement Park                    Botanical Gardens

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