Grooming Tool Advice (video)

Trimming your Doodle (video)

Cleaning your Doodles Ears (video)

FURminator Dog Brush:  My favorite brush.

FURminator Dog Comb: Helps keep the mats away.

FURminator deMatter: Handy tool.

Cordless Clipper

Puppy Playpen: Having a playpen for your puppy will help reduce your stress level with an overwhelming space. It is also a great way to keep your puppy safe when you can't keep your eyes on them.

Snuggle Puppy: Help your new puppy settle in. I just love this little aid. It will help reduce your puppies anxiety, as he/she settles into their new environment. 

Shampoo (that I use)

Conditioner (that I use)

Chuckit! Erratic Ball:  (Great for outside) 

Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler:  (Great for inside)

Hide and Seek Tunnel:  (all my dogs love it!)

Probiotic:  Great for dogs with a sensitive tummy.

Elevated Pet Bed:  My dogs love this!  I have the medium.

KONG Dot Toy:  Internal knotted rope, very durable.

Interactive Dog Ball:  You can put treats in the ball.

Having a problem or need help with your new puppy whether your purchased your Labradoodle Puppy from us or not, we welcome all questions. Please feel free to contact us and we will try and help in any way we can.

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